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How fathers may increase their chances of getting custody

In some cases, fathers in Florida who are getting a divorce might want to seek full custody of their children. However, they might be worried that they are at a disadvantage. There is a popular image of some fathers as being deadbeat or absent dads. Furthermore, courts have traditionally assumed the mother would be a better full-time parent for children. Fathers may increase their likelihood of gaining custody if they can demonstrate a strong relationship with the child.

Avoiding a custody battle in divorce

Parents in Florida who are getting a divorce and want custody of their children might want to avoid a fight with their spouse about the issue. Conflict between parents during a divorce can be upsetting for children, but parents might be able to resolve their issues without turning to a long court battle.

The types of child custody

Parents in Florida who are getting a divorce might be curious about the different types of child custody options that exist. The two main kinds of child custody are physical and legal. Physical custody dictates which parent a child lives with, and legal custody signifies which parent has the right make decisions about things such as the child's health care, religion and education. Both of these kinds of custody could be sole or joint.

Working out co-parenting agreements during divorces

When Florida couples who have young children decide to get divorced, it may be difficult for them to initially get past the harsh feelings that they have towards each other so that they can focus on custody and visitation. Fortunately, it is possible for many of them to draft co-parenting plans that might be beneficial for everyone who is involved.

Shared parenting on the rise in child custody agreements

In 2016, Florida became one of several states that passed a bill that would designate equal parenting time the default in child custody plans. However, the governor vetoed the bill. Despite this failure to get the bill passed, shared parenting is a growing trend throughout the country. However, some legal associations and women's groups oppose legislation, arguing that it may reduce protections for women from domestic abuse. They also say laws may reduce the likelihood that mothers will receive child support, which is an important tool for reducing income inequity between men and women.

What to do when a co-parent is a narcissist

Florida residents with a narcissistic ex-spouse might have to deal with how that person's actions affect their children. They can respond with unconditional love and support, and eventually, their children will probably understand that the other parent was not truthful with them. People in this situation should make sure they have documentation of a child custody agreement because they may need to turn to law enforcement for help in maintaining it.

Tyrese Gibson may serve as his own attorney in custody hearing

Fans of Tyrese in Florida may be interested in the actor's ongoing custody battle. Singer and actor Tyrese is no longer being represented by his attorney. In the custody battle, Tyrese is expected to act as his own legal counsel. There is also the chance that he will find another attorney prior to the hearing. His former wife is seeking a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband after claiming that Tyrese beat the couple's 10-year-old child.

Co-parenting after a violent marriage

Florida couples who experienced conflict and violence during their marriage might be fearful of co-parenting after divorce. The concern is that the violent behavior of the abusive spouse will continue, potentially putting the other spouse, and even the children, at risk. A study by researchers at the University of Illinois explored this issue, with some conclusions that might be surprising to couples going through this.

Dads can hold on to parental closeness after a divorce

Fathers in Florida may be worried about the impact their divorce may have on their children. While they're ready to move on from a relationship that hasn't worked out, it's important for fathers to remain close and connected to their children. Losing that contact can be one of the greatest fears a dad faces when going through the end of a marriage.

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