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Achieving An Equitable Child Support Agreement

Taking care of a child and providing for his or her needs is rewarding. When your finances are up in the air, however, it is also stressful. An equitable child support agreement can provide families with stability.

Mothers and fathers who are acting as custodial parents can obtain a child support agreement that will account for both parents’ ability to care for the child, the child’s financial needs and any additional educational or medical costs for the child needs. To discuss your family and what child support agreement may work for you, talk to an attorney at our firm today. Our lawyers represent parents who are entitled to receive support as well as those obligated to pay it.

Do Parents Need To Be Divorced For A Child Support Agreement?

No. Unmarried parents are increasingly common, and you do not need to have ever been married to obtain a child support agreement. For unmarried parents, the first step is to establish paternity.

Attorney Laurie L. Blanton can help you navigate Florida child support regardless of your prior marital status.

Can Child Support Payments Change Over Time?

Yes. Many families will undergo financial change. Whether someone loses a job or there is an unexpected injury, both parents are entitled to petition to change child support. Family courts will take your financial situation into account and redetermine support.

What Can I Do?

When you and your ex are ready to begin discussing child support, there are many factors to take into account. Going into child support negotiations without an experienced attorney may mean that one or both parents’ full financial positions are not taken into consideration.

As attorneys who understand that children deserve the best life possible, we are committed to helping families in Florida create the stability needed for their children to thrive.

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