When you have several debts that may not be easy to settle, it is advisable you file for bankruptcy. It is one of the wars; you can restructure, discharge or pay your debts to have a fresh start. Also, it is a way to ensure creditors and debtors are both satisfied with the debt settling process.

Almost everyone can file for bankruptcy, and this includes institutions, corporations, etc. Here at Blanton Law, PA, we assist people in getting through the bankruptcy process with ease. To do this, we have a team that understands what you need to do to file for bankruptcy.

Our team not only helps you to file for bankruptcy but also helps you to explore other options. We realize some cases that do not necessarily need an individual to file for bankruptcy. Therefore, we seek to educate our clients on more accessible alternatives to manage their debt burden.

According to the Virginia State Bar, it is necessary to testify in court, especially when your creditors raise any issues about your bankruptcy case. However, there are several cases that judges give determinations on even without holding formal court cases. In most cases, it is the judge to give a ruling on these matters, and they will also determine whether you have to appear in court.

In the initial stages of a bankruptcy case, you may hold meetings with your creditors. In these meetings, you, the defendant, should provide useful information that relates to your situation. Although they are not formal court procedures, you should give credible and valid information.