Engaged couples in Florida often spend a lot of time planning the wedding and honeymoon, but one area they should also be focusing their energies on is writing a prenuptial agreement. Many couples avoid talking about it because it may seem awkward or unromantic, but it is important for long-term protection. There are a number of mistakes couples make in regard to prenups.

According to The Knot, one of the big mistakes is couples do not talk about it at all, or they only briefly touch on it. Talking about money and debt is usually not a fun discussion, but it is important for marrying couples to be open with each other to help avoid surprises later on. Experts also recommend talking about it early and often, and that couples should sign a prenup at least six months before tying the knot.

Another mistake is when one partner does not negotiate or signs even when he or she does not agree with the terms. Using separate lawyers can help each partner identify needs and concerns and to ensure the agreement is fair and equitable. Couples who are having an especially emotional reaction to the idea or terms of a prenup may find it helpful to work with a marriage counselor to work through issues.

Forbes discusses that if a couple enters into a marriage without a prenuptial agreement, they still have the ability to sign a postnuptial agreement. Couples can do this early on in the marriage or years down the road when they have more assets or are more aware of potential issues. A postnup often includes the same information as a prenup.