There are numerous signs that marital experts use to determine the chances a couple is close to getting a divorce in Florida. While the signs do not guarantee a divorce is imminent, they do signal that a couple needs to make some big changes to prevent an unhappy marriage or a breakup.

According to Live About, many couples can save their marriage if they notice certain signs early enough and take action. While thinking divorce may be easier happens from time to time, it is a bad sign if one spouse thinks about it all the time. A lack of communication can signal a lack of trust and a loss of friendship. Another sign of impending divorce is that the bad times outweigh the good ones. 

For many couples, entrusting their relationship issues to a marriage therapist can help get them back on track. According to Psych Central, therapists identify four specific signs that divorce may be down the road. The signs are:

  • Defensiveness – always making excuses or making cross complaints
  • Stonewalling – withdrawing or shutting down to avoid conflict
  • Contempt – nonverbal behavior with the intent of attacking the other spouse’s self-worth
  • Criticism – making the other partner wrong by attacking his or her character

Experts say these are the four main predictors of divorce, and each partner must identify these signs in order to make changes. Each spouse should take responsibility for their part and work to repair the damage. A good marriage needs five times more positive interactions than bad ones, and this requires effort from both parties.