Couples in Florida look to adoption to complete their families and to provide a child with a safe and loving home. Adoption is a complex process, especially when it comes to the home study portion. In fact, many couples are intimidated by the home study, which is why it’s so important to be prepared. explains what you should know about a home study so you can take the proper steps before it occurs. 

The adoption agency you’re working with will request a number of documents and it’s in your best interest to have these documents ready before the actual home visit. While the items requested can vary, be prepared to provide marriage and divorce certificates, birth certificates for children currently in your care, verification of employment, bank statements, home title, a listing of assets, as well as any other documents the social worker deems necessary. You’ll also be asked to undergo a background check and physical. 

You should also research what typically happens during a home study. In general, this involves a visit by a social worker, who will interview you as well as anyone else living in your home. You and your spouse will be interviewed together and individually and will be asked numerous questions about your child-rearing philosophy, the reasons behind the adoption, and any other pertinent questions. While you might be intimidated by questions, keep in mind they’re asked in the best interest of the child. 

Lastly, make sure your home is ready for the home visit portion. Above all, social workers will focus on the safety of your home. Make sure hazardous items, such as chemicals used for cleaning, are properly stored away. You should also make sure you have a fire protection system in place, including fire alarms and extinguishers. Your home doesn’t need to be perfect for the social worker. Instead, it should be a place where a child can have a safe and fulfilling life with you and your spouse.