When it comes to , there are so many different ways in which an alcohol problem can affect people. For example, if you struggle with alcoholism, this could have an impact on your present and future life in many ways with regard to matters. Or, if your spouse or former partner struggles with alcoholism, there are all sorts of considerations you may need to focus on. From filing for due to alcoholism and domestic violence to child custody disputes, there are all sorts of -related issues that can be significantly affected by heavy alcohol use.

Some people develop a drinking habit after their marriage breaks down, whether they become very depressed or they live alone and fail to monitor their drinking. Excessive drinking has also caused many marriages to fall apart and it can also impact a person’s ability to pursue a more favorable outcome in court. Not only does alcoholism sometimes get in the way of someone’s ability to review legal options and plan ahead, but it may prompt a court to believe that a certain parent is unfit to have custody rights.

If you are struggling with alcoholism, cutting back on your drinking could be helpful in many ways, and it may improve your ability to secure custody. On the other hand, if you are very concerned about your former partner’s drinking and you have kids, this may be an issue that you need to bring up in court during a dispute over child custody.