Family law covers many different aspects of the divorce process and some couples face challenges long after they have split up, such as those who have kids and have a hard time making their child support payments on time. Unfortunately, failing to stay caught up on child support payments can result in various consequences, some of which can be absolutely devastating. Aside from being taken into custody, facing steep financial penalties and having one’s reputation shattered, there are many other ways in which people are held back due to missing child support payments. For example, their passport privileges may be revoked.

If you owe enough unpaid child support, you will not be able to obtain a U.S. passport until your name has been cleared. This can take weeks and it may throw off your vacation plans, which can be especially upsetting if you had to travel overseas for an important business appointment or some family event that takes place at a certain time (weddings, etc.). Some non-custodial parents are surprised to find out that they are ineligible for a passport in the U.S. because of the child support that they owe, which highlights how pivotal it is to make your payments on time.

Our law firm realizes that many different problems can make a parent unable to pay what they owe, from a lost job to a serious health problem. Sometimes, child support modification is one option to keep parents from finding themselves in this position and some benefit from a payment plan.