For some people, the decision to file for a divorce is a result of many years of bitterness and resentment, as well as the certainty that the marriage must come to an end. For others, divorce may be the result of a recent challenge that a couple has gone through (such as an affair), even though everything else seemed fine for many years. When it comes to divorce, people sometimes change their mind for a number of reasons. Some people may decide to move forward with divorce even though they backed down from one in the past, or they may come to the conclusion that staying in the marriage is best even though they were preparing to split up with their spouse.

There are many different reasons why people change their minds about filing for a divorce. For example, someone may have lengthy talks with their spouse about the situation and they may come to the conclusion that they can work through the difficulties they are facing in marriage. Or, a couple may agree to begin counseling in order to resolve their differences. In other instances, a couple may decide that divorce is necessary after all due to failed attempts at therapy or irreconcilable differences.

It is important to set aside enough time when you are dealing with divorce-related matters and the future of your marriage (or your relationship with your kids, finances, etc.). Regardless of the decisions you make, you should never forget these priorities and reviewing divorce-related legal options may be helpful.