A marriage may be called off for any number of reasons, but some people decide that the time has come to move on as a result of their partner’s bad habits. From gambling and sex addictions to drug use, alcoholism and even failing to “act one’s age,” there are all sorts of reasons why people decide to end their marriage with their spouse as a result of undesirable behavior. Whether your spouse has said that they do not want to remain married to you because of certain habits you have, or you are sick and tired of the way your spouse behaves, it is imperative to approach your divorce from the right angle.

First of all, you may be able to address this issue without heading to court. For example, talking with your spouse about the situation may help resolve it, and some couples also settle these matters by working with a counselor. That having been said, this certainly does not work out for every couple and some inevitably find themselves in the courtroom. In some instances, a spouse may try to bring up these bad habits in court during a custody dispute or some other issue in order to gain an edge.

Some people are also falsely accused of poor habits by their former spouse, either to damage their reputation or gain an advantage in court during some type of dispute. It is imperative to defend your legal rights and know which options you have.