For some people, depression has been a challenge they have dealt with throughout their life, while others may have become depressed due to a recent traumatic experience. In fact, divorce and post-divorce matters such as child support or visitation can even lead to depression. If you are struggling with depression while simultaneously dealing with family law issues, it is vital to prevent your emotional difficulties from getting in the way of a favorable outcome. You should try to do everything you can to successfully resolve your problems, which could give you reassurance and some peace.

Divorce matters that involve finances or children are especially likely to have an emotional impact on people who are struggling with family law issues. However, it is important to avoid a sense of hopelessness and say no to feelings of giving up. You may be able to take a number of steps to improve your circumstances, such as a careful review of different legal options. Moreover, simply improving your mood could be beneficial with respect to family law. For example, if you are able to address your depression, this may be favorable with respect to child custody decisions.

We understand that family law stressors can make people feel sad or upset and these feelings are not abnormal. It can be devastating to know that you have spent many years of your life with someone else and that things did not work out. Please read our family law section which goes over more of the legal aspects of the divorce process.