Losing custody of children is a heart-breaking ordeal for any parent, whether it is to an ex-spouse, family member or the foster care system. However, such custody changes do not always have to be permanent. There are several steps that Florida parents can take to win back custody.

The first step any parent should take before going back to court in a custody case is to take an honest look at what went wrong. Judges must make any decision regarding custody according to the best interests of the child. If there was an accusation of abuse or neglect, it is important for a parent to understand exactly what occurred when the accusation was made.

Parents who want to regain custody of their children should ensure that they do everything that a judge asks of them. Judges may order parenting classes or other requirements such as counseling. Prompt compliance with any of these requirements will help parents who have lost custody look more favorable in court.

Parents who are fighting for custody should also make sure that they exercise their full visitation rights and try not to reschedule or miss any appointments involving their children or the custody case. At a certain point, they may benefit from speaking to a attorney. A lawyer could assist by filing any necessary documents to re-open a child custody case, such as a petition to terminate a guardianship or a petition to request a home study.

The procedures for filing paperwork and presenting evidence at a hearing may be different in different types of child custody cases. For example, a custody case that involves the foster care system may have different procedural requirements than one that involves a previous . An attorney familiar with the court system could help a client present a favorable case for regaining custody.