When trying to resolve legal issues regarding child custody, Florida parents may have to appear in court. It’s important that both parties are aware of what could happen during the proceedings and what to do to be fully prepared and obtain their desired outcomes.

Preparing for a family court proceeding regarding child custody entails having arguments properly prepared, having witnesses on hand to provide supporting testimony and being properly dressed. An attorney can assist with the preparation of arguments and may offer counsel regarding questions that could be posed by the court. To make a good impression on the judge, parents may want to present teachers, babysitters or any other pertinent individuals who can verify their claims of being good parents. A parent should also make sure that their hairstyle, clothes and makeup help to support the image of a responsible adult.

The courtroom venues for addressing legal family matters are typically much smaller and more personal than many people may think. It’s not unusual for there to be just a few people in the room.

A parent who has to attend court to address their child custody issues should also keep in mind that they will have a limited time to present their case. Multiple cases are heard every day by custody adjudicators, judges and mediators. Therefore, child custody cases tend not to last very long. The parent should make sure that they have all of the information they need to present their best case in the time that they are allotted.

An attorney from a child custody law firm may advise someone who has unresolved child custody issues. Depending on the circumstances of a case, litigation tactics may be recommended.