Child support is an issue that many Florida parents may have to address. It is important they are aware that the noncustodial parents have an obligation to provide support for their children no matter their gender.

In order for child support to be arranged, it is necessary to determine the relationship between the child and the parent. Maternity is confirmed through the act of childbirth. However, there are multiple ways in which paternity can be established. A man is determined to be the father of a child if, when the child is born, he is married to the mother. In situations in which the parents are not married, they can fill out a form at the hospital that acknowledges the paternity of the child at the time of his or her birth. It also can be completed at the local Vital Statistics Registrar or Child Support Enforcement Agency.

If the paternity of the child is in question, a genetic testing request can be made to the CSEA by either parent, which will then compel all parties to participate in the testing. After the results of the genetic test are obtained, an administrative paternity order will be issued based on the results. A 99 percent probability of fatherhood is required to confirm paternity.

Parents can be held in contempt of court and forced to comply if they do not willingly submit to the test or make their children available for testing. Once paternity has been established, a support hearing will be held to create a child support order.

A Venice, Florida, child support attorney may advise clients about their legal options if they are seeking to have a child support order created or modifications to an existing child support order. A lawyer may request enforcement procedures to obtain delinquent child support.