According to the commissioner of the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, almost two-thirds of child support collections are conducted via electronic portals, and the agency is hoping to improve on these efforts. However, before the program is expanded, there has to be proof that such efforts would actually result in the office becoming more efficient.

In 2017, payroll withholding was the means of collection for $24.4 billion of the overall $32.4 billion that was collected for child support payments that year. Also recorded by the office for that year were 67,458,725 new hire reports, which were used by employers to draft any mandatory child support payments from their employees’ wages.

The commissioner of the office states that there are three essential factors for a successful child support collections program. They include an efficient collection and disbursement system, a parent who is employed and payroll professionals to execute the wage garnishments.

For every dollar that is spent on the program, $5.33 in child support payments is collected, making the office’s efficiency in line with that of other agencies responsible for tracking and collections. The commissioner states that the goals of the office are to develop better communication and fiscally responsibility and to increase collaborations with partners, such as the payroll association.

The commissioner also states that electronic means is the best way for employers to comply with child support withholding requirements. The internet portal operated by the OCSE provides tools for employers to report lump-sum payments to workers and when workers end their employment.

A child support attorney may assist clients with resolving disputes related to child support. Litigation may be used to obtain favorable terms regarding modifications to existing child support. The attorney might request the implementation of enforcement measures, such as the garnishment of wages, to obtain delinquent child support.