Florida residents who are following Jesse Williams’ and child support battle may be interested to learn that on June 19, a court ordered the actor to pay more than $50,000 in child support every month. With his ex-wife, the actor has two kids, ages 2 and 4.

Prior to the modification on his child support, Williams had been making payments in the amount of $33,424 every month. The actor did ask the judge to deny the request, stating that his ex-wife exaggerated both the children’s needs and associated expenses. He claimed that his ex-wife included her personal expenses when reporting what the children’s needs were.

It was noted that the actor’s income may have been a factor in the modification of the child support order. The actor, who stars on “Grey’s Anatomy,” reportedly has a monthly earning of at least $521,000. Williams has custody of his children two days a week and every other weekend. He was married to his ex-wife in 2012 and filed for in April 2017.

When a court is determining the amount of child support a noncustodial parent may be required to pay every month, financial information is a major factor that is taken into account. The court may look at both parents’ income and debt in addition to other factors when creating a child support order. Once the order is put into place, the parent responsible for making child support payments may face serious consequences if he or she fails or refuses to make payments. However, if the parent’s financial circumstances change, a child support attorney may assist with filing a modification request so that the child support payments reflect the parent’s reduction in income.

Source: The Grape Vine, “Damn, Dzaddy: Jesse Williams Ordered to Pay Over $50,000 a Month in Child Support“, Anne Branigin, 06/21/2018