Florida residents who are negotiating child support agreements or are paying or receiving child support might be curious about the amount of support custodial parents receive on average. They might be surprised to find that the numbers are often much lower than some political figures have claimed.

According to statistics from the U. S. Census Bureau, released in a report entitled ‘Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support,” there are 13.4 million single-parent families in the U.S. Of this number, slightly less than half have a child support agreement in place, with 89.8 percent having legal, court-ordered agreements and 10.2 percent following informal agreements set up by the parents. The majority of custodial parents awarded child support were mothers, with 52.3 percent, with about 31.4 percent of custodial fathers also awarded child support.

On average, the amount of child support owed each year is $5,774 each year. However, custodial parents, in general, receive less, at $3,950 per year or only about $329 monthly to help with the children’s shelter, food, education, clothing, health and other miscellaneous expenses. While there were about 6.5 million parents who were awarded child support orders, the Census statistics show that less than half received the full payment awarded. 28.5 percent of parents with child support orders received partial payments, while 25.9 percent received no payment at all. 69.7 percent of custodial parents also received some form of non-monetary child support. Even with these numbers, however, only 22.4 percent of parents who should receive child support actually requested government help for collection.

Residents who might find themselves needing assistance with support matters might benefit from consulting with a Venice, Florida child support attorney. An attorney can further explain the state legislation regarding support and who can represent the person in any negotiations with the other parent.