The rapper Nas and singer Kelis have been engaged in a series of custody disputes over their 8-year-old son. Florida fans of the entertainers may be aware that they made a joint custody agreement in March. The agreement was kept private, but it is reported that it created a specific schedule for when the child would be with each parent including during holidays. However, according to Nas, Kelis has still made it difficult for him to see his son.

The situation escalated when, according to reports, Nas was not allowed to take his son during Passover, which started on March 30. He says that Kelis yelled at him, and she says the child wanted to stay with her. Nas says she will not allow him to pick up the child at school and has made it hard for him to see the child.

Reportedly, attorneys for the two have been arguing as well. Nas is seeking reimbursement from Kelis of $22,000 for attorney fees incurred each time she violates their agreement.

People who are struggling with custody issues may want to consult an attorney at a Venice, Florida child custody law firm. Custody issues might be resolved in a number of different ways. For example, in some cases, the child custody agreement might need to be modified because a parent’s work schedule has changed in a way that makes it difficult to stick to the arrangement. Courts usually try to ensure that children have access to both parents in most circumstances. However, if a parent repeatedly violates the custody agreement or a parent is concerned about the child’s safety or a child abduction, the parent could be limited to supervised visitation or even denied access.

Source: XXL Mag, “Nas claims Kelis violated custody agreement by keeping their son during Passover“, Nick Mojica, April 6, 2018