Parents in Florida who are getting a divorce might be curious about the different types of child custody options that exist. The two main kinds of child custody are physical and legal. Physical custody dictates which parent a child lives with, and legal custody signifies which parent has the right make decisions about things such as the child’s health care, religion and education. Both of these kinds of custody could be sole or joint.

There are many different arrangements available to parents when it comes to joint physical custody. For example, “bird’s nest” custody is an arrangement that allows the children to remain in the family home while the parents take turns living there. In a more traditional type of joint custody situation, children might alternate weeks with each parent or spend a few days with one parent and a few days with the other one each week.

In more unusual situations, there could be serial custody, in which a child spends a few years with one parent and a few years with the other. Split custody involves one child living with one parent and the other child living with the other parent. However, in most cases, these are not ideal arrangements. Third-party custody may happen if both parents are unfit, and the child is placed with another relative.

Parents might want to consult an attorney at a Venice, Florida, child custody law firm about the various child custody options. If parents go to court, the judge will make a custody decision that is in the children’s best interests. However, people can also make decisions regarding custody with their spouses and attorneys, which can then be made legally binding. Individuals who are concerned about their children’s safety with the other parent might want to go to court and request sole custody.