Parents in Florida who are getting a divorce and want custody of their children might want to avoid a fight with their spouse about the issue. Conflict between parents during a divorce can be upsetting for children, but parents might be able to resolve their issues without turning to a long court battle.

Parents may want to consider mediation or other alternative dispute resolution processes to reach an agreement regarding child custody without going to court. The advantage of these processes is that they focus on finding a solution that satisfies everyone involved. This might not be the case in a courtroom.

Before starting negotiations, parents may want to think about what they want and why. For example, each parent might want more time with the child. However, a parent who is going to request 70 percent instead of 50 percent of the time with the child should be clear about the reasons.

A parent may want to consult a child custody law firm for assistance in negotiating these issues with the spouse. One reason that a parent might want more time with the child is if the other parent travels a lot on business and would be unable to care for the child. However, if the parent simply dislikes the other parent’s lifestyle, that parent might want to keep in mind that most experts believe a child does best after divorce with the opportunity to build relationships with both parents. Parents who are genuinely concerned about a child’s safety because of issues such as addiction or abuse may want to talk to the attorney about how to limit the other parent’s access to the child. This might require going to court. For a parent with an addiction, a judge might order supervised visitation until the parent completes a treatment program.