When Florida couples who have young children decide to get d, it may be difficult for them to initially get past the harsh feelings that they have towards each other so that they can focus on custody and visitation. Fortunately, it is possible for many of them to draft co-parenting plans that might be beneficial for everyone who is involved.

Couples should try to place their children’s needs first while setting aside their emotional conflicts. If it is not possible for the parents to talk to each other, they might want to communicate via text message or email about their children. Both parents should try to support their children’s relationships with the other parent.

People might try looking at their estranged spouses as business partners in their child-rearing. If they can’t do so by meeting with each other, they may use the collaborative law process to try to draft an agreement that will work for their children and for them. A plan should include agreements about how conflicts will be resolved. Parents should also refrain from keeping information about their children secret from each other. Fair custody and visitation schedules should be planned and adopted. Children do the best when they are able to enjoy liberal contact with both parents.

Getting d can be hard for everyone, including the children who are involved. Parents should place their child’s needs above their own and try to step back from any emotional conflict. A parent who wants to get d might benefit by consulting with an experienced attorney at a Venice, Florida, child custody law firm. The attorney may be able to negotiate a full parenting agreement that is fair for everyone.