Florida fans of actor Mel Gibson may be aware that he has a child by his former partner, Oksana Grigorieva. She had hired a forensic accounting firm to investigate Gibson and get an increase in her child support payments to more than $22,000 monthly for their daughter.

However, Grigorieva filed for bankruptcy in 2015 before hiring the company. The company alleges that since she hired them after the filing, she must pay it the full fee. Gibson has paid the bulk of it, but there is an outstanding balance of more than $108,000.

Grigorieva and Gibson have been in and out of court for several years on child support matters. She turned down a $15 million deal from Gibson and instead took a $750,000 settlement in 2011. Two years later, she filed a lawsuit against her attorneys saying she had been coerced into signing a bad deal. However, she later dropped the lawsuit. Grigorieva also has a child whose father is actor Timothy Dalton.

People who are going through a divorce and who will have custody or child support issues to work through or people who are having issues around child support may want to consult a Venice, Florida child support attorney. For example, in some cases, there could be a change in income for a parent that merits a review of the order. The parent paying support might need to ask for a modification because of a job loss or another life circumstance that makes it difficult to continue paying the same amount. Alternately, if the parent paying child support has a significant increase in income, the parent who receives the support might ask for a larger proportion of that income for the child.

Source: Page Six, “Mel Gibson’s ex sued for $108K over child support fight“, Jessica Sager, Dec. 28, 2017