Florida residents with a narcissistic ex-spouse might have to deal with how that person’s actions affect their children. They can respond with unconditional love and support, and eventually, their children will probably understand that the other parent was not truthful with them. People in this situation should make sure they have documentation of a child custody agreement because they may need to turn to law enforcement for help in maintaining it.

One woman’s narcissistic ex-spouse informed her over email that their children no longer wanted to come to her house because they were afraid of her. Initially, she brushed this off with the assumption that he was reacting to an upcoming court action about his failure to pay support. However, he went on to tell several parties, including child protective services and the children’s school, that she was abusing the children.

The two had split custody of the children 50/50 since the , but with this new allegation, she had to face the possibility of losing any access to the children. Finally, after a week, an investigation found the charges baseless. Police informed the children they would be going home with their mother. However, the children had already suffered due to the stress of the situation. Two of them missed school that week because of stress-related symptoms, and all three suffered emotionally in the weeks that followed.

A parent who is divorcing a difficult spouse and anticipates that problems like this might arise may want to discuss the situation with a Venice, Florida, child custody law firm. Courts usually work from the assumption that children do best if they spend time with both parents, but if someone can demonstrate that his or her ex-spouse is harming the child’s well-being, it might be possible for that parent’s access to the child to be reduced.