Some estranged Florida couples might need to sell their home before their marriage legally comes to an end. One real estate website found that this is the case in almost two-thirds of divorces. Selling a home can be stressful at the best of times, but during a divorce it may be particularly difficult. However, there are steps a couple can take to make the process go more smoothly.

The couple should choose an agent they are comfortable with and who is sympathetic to the emotional difficulty of the situation. The couple should discuss their responsibilities and goals for the sale with the agent. However, it may be best for only one spouse to handle communications with the agent after this point. This person can also communicate back to the other spouse. Neither spouse should try to get the agent to take sides or try to involve the agent in their personal turmoil.

The couple should agree on which items they plan to leave as-is and make sure this is documented. They may want to fix small things such as scuffed walls and leaky faucets since this can make the house look much better. They should agree on who will pay for various items and services such as weekly cleanings. One should be responsible for removing pets during showings. Of course, they should work with the agent to get the best price.

A home is only one of the assets that may need to be divided during a divorce, and a person might want to consult a Venice, Florida property division law firm to talk about how other property will be divided. For example, it might be necessary to split a retirement account, but this is not necessarily just a case of one spouse giving half to the other. In many cases a qualified domestic relations order will be necessary to avoid adverse tax consequences.