Fans of Tyrese in Florida may be interested in the actor’s ongoing custody battle. Singer and actor Tyrese is no longer being represented by his attorney. In the custody battle, Tyrese is expected to act as his own legal counsel. There is also the chance that he will find another attorney prior to the hearing. His former wife is seeking a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband after claiming that Tyrese beat the couple’s 10-year-old child.

Tyrese gained attention on social media when he posted a video of himself crying about not being able to see his daughter. He discussed the $13,000 a month he claims he is paying in child support, as well as a promise by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to give Gibson $5 million to assist with his bills. The Smiths later denied this claim.

Some sympathized with Tyrese after seeing his video on social media. Others mocked the actor, and others expressed concern about his mental health. Tyrese later stated that ‘psych meds” were to blame for his erratic behavior. He later apologized to us fans, stating that the psych meds were flushed down the toilet.

Family law attorneys provide invaluable assistance to fathers like Tyrese in a child custody case. Fathers are granted rights that are similar to those of the mother when it comes to the care and custody of their children. History has shown that courts traditionally lean toward siding in favor of the mother. However, depending on the circumstances, the court may decide in favor of the father. The court may stipulate that the mother provides the father with child support or spousal support and that the father has custodial rights over the children.