Fathers in Florida may be worried about the impact their divorce may have on their children. While they’re ready to move on from a relationship that hasn’t worked out, it’s important for fathers to remain close and connected to their children. Losing that contact can be one of the greatest fears a dad faces when going through the end of a marriage.

However, it is possible and achievable for divorced dads to maintain and even improve their relationship with their children after the divorce. A father’s active participation in setting up a child custody schedule and parenting plan can be the first step in developing that healthy relationship. Many divorcing parents can work together and with their legal representatives to put together their own parenting plan. When both parents are committed to the plan, it has a higher chance of success.

A court will generally approve the parenting plan after ensuring it is realistic and suits the best interests of the child. However, the plan often won’t cover every issue that could arise. It will be necessary to share vital information about the children’s educational, medical and extracurricular activities. Flexibility in a parenting plan can be deeply valuable, especially as children age.

A family law attorney can help divorcing spouses to handle child custody issues and develop parenting plans to meet everyone’s needs. In an amicable divorce, counsel can be an essential guide to meeting state law as well as clarifying parental agreements. In a more contested situation, a child custody lawyer can ensure that a parent is well-represented in seeking fair custody, visitation and other relevant orders in court.