Florida residents who are getting d may want to consider opting for shared custody of their children. As long as neither parent is abusive toward a child, both mom and dad should play an active role in their lives. Children of any age may benefit, but the advantages may be higher for younger children. As of 2017, data shows that mothers are awarded sole custody in 80 percent of the cases where custody is determined by the courts.

Some judges may believe that granting full custody of the children to their mothers may help provide more stability in their lives. Children also may be placed in the custody of one parent to cut down on the drama and conflict that they may experience. However, research suggests that the occurrence and effect of parental conflict may be overblown. In some cases, it may be nearly impossible to determine the source of the conflict.

Typically, conflicts between parents tend to lessen as time goes by. Overall, the relationships that mattered the most after a were the ones between each parent and the child. As long as a child developed a quality relationship with both parents, it didn’t really matter how well the ex-spouses got along. In some ways, this may be true of children whose parents are still married to each other.

Individuals who are thinking about ending their marriages may benefit from turning to a Venice, Florida, child custody law firm for assistance. An experienced lawyer may be able to advise estranged couples on how to resolve child custody issues in a timely and amicable manner. An attorney also could review any parenting plan or similar arrangement that determines how children are to be cared for after a .