A Florida woman who says she had two children by baseball player Miguel Cabrera sued him for not providing sufficient child support. The woman says that although Cabrera has been married since 2002, she had children by him in 2013 and 2015. Cabrera and his wife have three children of their own.

Until the lawsuit was filed, the relationship had not been public, and Cabrera’s attorney had attempted to keep the lawsuit private. According to the lawsuit, Cabrera began paying child support in 2013. However, he helped the woman buy a home in 2017 and reduced the monthly amount he was paying to $6,400. The woman argued that this was insufficient to cover her expenses. Cabrera has asked for paternity tests and has alleged that the woman is committing extortion.

Florida law says that if a person’s net income is higher than $10,000, then two children should receive 7.5 percent of that parent’s salary. Cabrera’s income is currently $30 million per year. This would mean that he owes more than $2 million in child support, but his attorneys have argued that this amount should be reduced or that the excess should be placed in a college fund for the children.

A person who is involved in a dispute over child support might want to talk to a Venice, Florida child support attorney. These disputes could range from a parent who is struggling to collect support to a parent who is struggling to pay it. If the income of a parent who pays support is reduced, that parent may need to ask the court for a child support modification. If the parent’s income significantly increases, the parent who receives support may want to pursue a higher amount.

Source: Deadspin, “Orlando Woman Sues Miguel Cabrera Over Reduced Child Support Payments“, Patrick Redford, Oct. 16, 2017