Florida parents who are going through a divorce and who have minor children will have to come to an accord regarding child custody and visitation. If they do not, a court will make the determination. Regardless of how it is done, there will be some form of an agreement that details when, where and how the exchange of a child will occur. The actual custody exchange takes place every time a child is transferred from the physical custody of one parent to the other.

Child custody exchanges are included in visitation rights as both parents are believed to have the right to spend time with their children. This is despite the presence of specific issues like delinquent child support.

Thousands of child custody exchanges occur every day in the United States without major complications. However, if there are related disputes regarding child rearing methods, child support payments or education, the emotional reactions to these issues can make for a less than desirable exchange environment. This can result in acts of physical or emotional abuse, in the presence of the children. In some cases, child custody exchanges have resulted in fatalities. If law enforcement is called during a custody exchange to curtail any dangerous behavior, they may be restricted as to what actions to take as it is considered to be a child custody issue. They may make detailed notes as to what has happened so that the events may be reviewed by a family court.

Parents involved in child custody disputes should speak with someone at a child custody law firm. An attorney may assist them by protecting their rights when seeking to obtain a custody order or to modify an existing one.