Florida divorced parents who share physical custody of their children may encounter complications when it comes to scheduling vacations. There may not be a custody order in place, or the existing order may not provide guidance for how to handle vacations. Whatever the case, there are some steps parents can take to prevent child custody issues and disagreements related to vacations.

Co-parents should begin planning for vacations early. This can help with addressing any related disputes well before the actual trip. Any communication that they have regarding vacation plans that deviate from an existing order should be in writing. Doing so establishes a record that can be presented in court if there are subsequent problems.

Providing reminders in writing during the time leading up to the vacation may be wise. This may reduce the chances that a co-parent will have unexpected and inconvenient plans that can interfere with the trip. Also, it is important to always retain proof of any written plans that were sent to a co-parent in the event the issue has to be addressed in court.

For parents whose vacations have been ruined because of the purposeful or careless action of a co-parent, they may have to request a child custody order modification. The court may include informal procedures for asking for a change in the current vacation schedule. Parents who need assistance with resolving these types of issues might want to meet with an attorney at a child custody law firm. The attorney could request a modification to an existing order that would resolve the matter.