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April 2017 Archives

Will you have to separate from your property during divorce?

The end of your marriage signals many significant changes for your life, and you may be wondering what this means for your possessions. Property division is one of the most complicated aspects of a divorce, and you will find it beneficial to know what to expect and how you can protect your interests during this time. 

Modifying child custody orders

Family law judges in Florida and around the country award physical child custody based on what is considered to be in the best interests of the children involved, but these decisions may be revisited if situations change. However, judges will expect to be presented with compelling evidence before modifying custody arrangements that appear to be working. Modifications are generally made when children could be in danger, the custodial parent plans to relocate or the agreed-upon visitation schedule is being ignored.

What child support can and cannot be used for

When a Florida noncustodial parent is order to pay child support, those funds can be used by the custodial parent to assist with the costs of raising the children. Because custodial parents are often less likely to be able to work as much if they are the primary caregiver for the children, the child support paid by the noncustodial parent is often essential when it comes to paying for all of the costs associated with maintaining the children's needs.

What is going to happen to my retirement after my divorce?

You have worked hard for the money that you have saved and set aside for retirement, and you may fear that an impending divorce could take a big portion of it. The truth is that divorce will likely impact your retirement in some way, but that does not necessarily mean that you will have to halt or change your long-held dreams for your golden years

What happens to child support if a parent is disabled

When Florida parents are separated and the noncustodial parent becomes disabled, this could affect the amount of child support that parent is able to pay. Parents are generally expected to support their children, but the disabled parent could experience a significant drop in income.

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