When parents in Florida get divorced, the separation process can be especially difficult for any children involved. To ease the transition period, a divorcing couple may need to focus on the well-being of their children.

It may be better for children to continue living with both parents while adjusting to the idea of a split. However, this is obviously not an ideal situation if parents cannot get along. One should consider what living arrangements are best for the kids during and after a divorce. Some families adopt a nesting schedule where parents rotate in and out of a home while the kids stay in one location full time.

A University of Washington study found that March is the most common month for filings. However, this time of year may not be ideal for children who are already dealing with school work and extracurricular activities. Some parents may wish to file in the summer so that they can spend more time with the children and help them cope while they are away from school.

Parenting plans consist of scheduling and custody information that dictate life after a divorce. Until such a plan is finalized in court, temporary custody and support orders may be needed. Temporary agreements can help parents in Florida create stability for children while divorcing. With the help of legal counsel, a couple can work together and create a parenting plan that benefits everyone involved. Any issues with a plan should ideally be handled before an arrangement is finalized. If changes are needed later, a parent can request a modification from a judge.