Florida baseball fans may be interested to learn that on March 14, it was reported that Jose Reyes, an infielder for the Mets, was sued by his former mistress for allegedly failing to pay enough child support. Reyes, who has been married to his wife since 2008 and has three children with her, reportedly also has a 7-year-old daughter with the mistress.

According to the woman’s attorney, Reyes is required by law to pay 17 percent of his income in child support. The attorney stated, however, that the lawsuit was not necessarily about money. In the statement, the attorney said that the 7-year-old child did not get to know her father or her three sisters. The next court date was scheduled to be March 22, though Reyes will likely be playing at the World Baseball Classic during this time.

Reyes was reportedly taken into custody in 2015 on domestic abuse charges following an alleged incident with his wife. However, his wife refused to further the case, resulting in the charges being dropped. Reyes was still suspended for 52 games.

If a noncustodial parent refuses to pay the amount of child support that was ordered by the court, a child support attorney may determine what options the custodial parent has for seeking the child support that is owed. In some cases, the attorney may ask the court to enforce the child support order or, if this does not work, to seize the delinquent parent’s tax refunds or garnish their wages. If the custodial parent needs more child support to be able to fully financially support the child due to an increase in medical bills or other adverse change, the attorney may also request a child support modification.

Source: Sports Illustrated, “Jose Reyes sued by ex-mistress for child support“, March 14, 2017