Florida fans of former NFL player Robert Meacham may be interested to learn that on Feb. 13, he began a month-long jail sentence because he owed about $388,000 in child support and alimony. He had already paid around $200,000, and he will be released if he pays an additional $100,000.

While he made more than $20 million in his career paying football, Meacham reported that two employees of his charitable foundation had taken most of his money. He claimed that he had to borrow money to make ends meet. However, his ex-wife alleged that he had hidden assets by cleaning millions out of their joint accounts. Meacham’s request for a new trial was denied, and he was also fined for failing to have someone testify about his finances.

Meacham and his ex-wife divorced in 2015. They have two children together and share custody.

If a person suspects that their spouse is hiding assets during a divorce as Meacham’s ex-wife has accused him of doing, they might want to discuss that with their Venice, Florida child support attorney. Hiding assets may happen in a number of ways ranging from simply taking money out of a bank account to complex schemes involving offshore accounts or shell companies. A person might also try to spend assets or run up debts leading up to a divorce. There may be steps a person can take to prevent this from happening or to identify where hidden assets are. Similarly, if a parent is not paying child support and there is a court order, then there are ways of trying to compel the parent to pay including garnishing their wages.

Source: ESPN, “Robert Meachem jailed for owing $400K in alimony, child support“, Mike Triplett, Feb. 15, 2017