Florida residents may be interested in news that Track Palin, son of well-known politician Sarah Palin, is facing a second custody battle over his newborn son. Track Palin is already involved in an ongoing custody battle with his former wife.

In 2016, Track Palin was arrested for being intoxicated while possessing a firearm and for domestic violence against his girlfriend who was at the time pregnant with his child. According to the police report, Track Palin punched his girlfriend in the face and then pointed his gun at her, making a threat that he would be willing to shoot her. The girlfriend hid under the bed and called police. She is now seeking full custody of their newborn child.

Additional controversy that surrounds Track Palin could affect the outcome of custody proceedings. Sarah Palin has made claims that her son’s behavior is due to the PTSD he acquired due to serving in Iraq. However, her claims came under scrutiny when it was found that Track never saw actual combat while on duty.

There are many factors included in making custody decisions. The primary concern is always the best interests of the child in question. A parent’s overall fitness to care for the child and provide a safe living environment is also a strong determiner. While arrests and domestic violence charges do not necessarily prohibit a parent from obtaining custody, such charges may call into question the parent’s fitness as a safe and supportive caretaker. The court will often lean in a parent’s favor to provide at least some contact between the parent and child. A parent looking to secure custody of a child may wish to reach out to a lawyer for guidance.