Parents in Florida who are d might want to ensure that their child’s holidays are as stress-free as possible. One key to this is remaining focused on the best interests of the child. Planning ahead gives parents time to address any issues that may arise well ahead of time.

A critical part of that planning is specificity. Being vague about dates or leaving the holidays up to chance and seeing how everyone feels may result in conflict. A better approach is to make an agreement about where and when exchanges will take place and put it in writing. The agreement can be court-approved to give parents recourse if one does not adhere to its terms. There are also tools available that the court monitors that can facilitate communication between parents and prevents them from being subject to the sniping that might occur using other methods.

Parents can also arrange for the child to have calls or video chats with the other parent. These should be arranged specifically as well, including agreeing on who initiates the call and what devices will be used.

Parents who are considering may want to consult an attorney. Getting a sense of how the process may go might help a person make a decision and prioritize their goals in a . For example, a parent might be concerned about financial security for themselves and their child. However, they might not care as much whether they keep the family home. Speaking with an attorney might also alert parents to other considerations. For example, a person who has not worked outside the home might not realize how much their spouse’s retirement account may be worth and that getting a percentage of it is worthwhile.