When a Florida couple with young children chooses to end their marriage, they must confront a variety of issues during the divorce process, including custody, child support and visitation. In most cases, both parties will likely seek a child custody arrangement that reflects the best interest of their children. In many cases, minor children will split their time between parents.

According to mediation professionals, the two-family, two-house lifestyle requires compromise from both parents. When parents work together amicably, it may help their children adjust to their new lifestyle more quickly, professionals believe. When one parent chooses to move to a city where their children don’t reside, however, whether for a new job or romantic relationship, it can complicate the family dynamic. Relationship experts say that a physical move by one parent can lead to resentment from the other, as a longer commute means higher transportation costs and, often, a major change to the set visitation arrangement.

One of the biggest issues facing parents who have a large number of miles between their respective households is that they tend to focus solely on their personal needs, professionals believe. If a potential move will take one parent to a different city or state, children who are old enough to understand the topic’s importance should be consulted before the decision is finalized. This will help children feel as though their opinion matters and may even strengthen overall family relationships.

Many parents who are dealing with difficult changes to a previously set custody and visitation agreement may benefit from mediation, during which a neutral third party attempts to facilitate an accord. They each may want to consult with their respective family law attorneys for guidance during the process.