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December 2016 Archives

New rule allows for child support modifications by prisoners

Florida residents may be interested to know that, in his final months in office, President Obama has continued his pledge to overhaul the U.S. criminal justice system. In an attempt to reduce the rate of recidivism and help ease the transition back into society among former inmates, his administration has passed a new rule regarding child support payments.

Relocating after a divorce

When a Florida couple with young children chooses to end their marriage, they must confront a variety of issues during the divorce process, including custody, child support and visitation. In most cases, both parties will likely seek a child custody arrangement that reflects the best interest of their children. In many cases, minor children will split their time between parents.

Enforcing child support payments

The federal Child Support Enforcement Program is intended to help children get financial support from both of their parents, but in many cases, it is not being used. According to a forthcoming study, while the number of families in the system are getting more assistance, fewer families overall have a formal child support agreement in place. The percentage dropped to 49 percent in 2004 from 60 percent in 2014. This means that many single-parent Florida households may struggle on just one income.

Ex-NFL player may owe almost $400K in child support

Florida NFL fans may be familiar with Robert Meachem, the former running back for the New Orleans Saints who helped his team to a Super Bowl victory in 2010. According to news reports, Meachem is now potentially facing jail time for allegedly owing nearing $400,000 in child support and alimony arrears.

Taking steps to protect your retirement after divorce

Divorce at any age can be financially draining. Younger couples may be able to rebuild what they lose because they have more time and resources to increase their wealth. If you are in your 50's or older, however, you are among the age group whose divorce rate has doubled in the past few decades.

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