Florida fans of the “Bachelor” reality television series might be interested in learning that the star of “Bachelor in Paradise”, Amanda Stanton, just lost her child support battle with her ex-husband. Stanton’s ex, Nick Buonfiglio, filed a motion to modify the support amount that was previously ordered on the basis that he is facing financial difficulties while Stanton has enjoyed a substantial increase in income following her appearance on the show.

According to court documents, Stanton reportedly made just $100 per year before she appeared on the show. Since the show, however, she now reportedly makes $13,000 per month. Her fiance, Josh Murray, who was the bachelor on the show, reportedly earns $10,000 per month, and both have secured lucrative endorsement deals as well.

Buonfiglio was previously ordered to pay Stanton $2,000 per month. His new monthly support amount is $530 per month. The pair divorced in 2015, and Stanton has previously accused Buonfiglio of being an absent parent to their children and of cheating on her during their marriage.

It is not uncommon for the financial circumstances of one or both parents to change substantially after a child support order has been issued. When that happens, either parent may file a motion with the court requesting that the previously ordered amount be modified. A child support attorney might help by drafting and filing the motion on behalf of a client. The attorney may then work to gather the evidence that may be needed in order to support the client’s request before the judge.

Source: Hollywood Take, “Nick Buonfiglio wins in Amanda Stanton child payment battle as Josh Murray stands by his ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fiancee in court (photos),” Robin Lempil, Nov. 14, 2016