Florida parents who are contemplating a may wonder what is covered by a child support order. It is calculated to cover a child’s basic needs such as food and shelter, but parents may want to expand it so that it includes other items as well. This could range from child care to music lessons to sports and more.

As children grow up and move into adulthood, parents may still want to help with expenses that are not part of child support. A first car, a wedding, or a college education might all be items that parents would like to assist their children with. These and other expenses that may arise while the children are still minors might be addressed in a parenting agreement.

The custodial parent might still struggle with costs such as prom dresses, summer camp or tutoring. Both parents in a divorce should take the cost of raising children along with extras into account when they consider what their financial life will look like after a divorce.

In the parenting agreement, the parties may want to specify who will pay for what or how they will resolve situations in which one parent wants the child to do an activity that the other does not want to pay for. Furthermore, in addition to the expense of raising children, people should also think about the costs of maintaining a residence on their own and other costs associated with divorce. They may also want to discuss property division with their attorney in Venice, Florida and how they might best ensure their financial security.