Florida parents who are divorced know that disputes over custody can be difficult and create stress for the children in the family. However, there are methods to resolve those disagreements that may make it easier and be best for the family’s child.

Good communication is key to reaching a child custody agreement. Understanding the rights of the parents and what will be best for the children is also important. Not all parents may be able to speak to each other effectively. In such cases, emailing or talking on the phone might be an option. By keeping conversations short and to the point, some couples may be able to reach an agreement without needing a third party to step in to assist.

When a couple is unable to reach an agreement on custody, they may turn to mediation. The mediator’s job is to help the parents communicate better to resolve conflicts and reach a compromise. Although the agreement reached is not binding and has to be formally drafted, this might be a way to settle the issue of custody without involving the courts.

Counseling is another good option for some parents. A counselor might be able to help parents improve their relationship with each other. This may be of benefit to both since they can learn to listen to each other better and improve communication.

When parents are unable to reach an agreement on custody, they may have to go to court. In such situations, a parent may want to work with a lawyer. An attorney may assist by drawing up an agreement that is workable and to the child’s benefit.