Florida residents who do not agree on child custody after a divorce or breakup generally have two options regarding resolving this dispute. The first is to litigate the case and have the judge decide what is best for their child. The second is to work out a settlement agreement. After trying both methods, Madonna and ex Guy Ritchie have reached a conclusion in their own child custody case.

Madonna was married to director Guy Ritchie in 2000. Both individuals have seen enormous success in their careers. Madonna pioneered the 80’s music scene being dubbed the “Material Girl.” She recently finished her “Rebel Heart” worldwide tour in March. Ritchie has experienced success as a director and directed the blockbuster “Sherlock Holmes” film in 2009. The couple split in 2008. Ritchie has remarried to a British model with whom he has three more children. During the couple’s divorce, they agreed that the couple’s son would live with Madonna who currently resides in New York.

However, the now 16-year-old son ignored a court order after he visited his father in London and refused to return to New York to live with his mother. Both a New York judge and a London judge heard the child custody case and separately reached the same decision: the parents should find an amicable resolution to the dispute for the benefit of their son. The couple officially settled the case September 7.

Parents who do not agree on child custody may discuss their concerns with a family law attorney. He or she may discuss the factors that a court looks at and the potential decisions the court could make. He or she may also talk about the possibility of settling the claim.