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September 2016 Archives

Single mothers, child support, and recurring myths

Florida residents may want to learn more on how child support is determined for the children of single parents. In many cases, many people assume that the custodial parent has some say on how much he or she should be awarded, however, this is not true. When parents are unable to come to an agreement, the court will decide the amount based on certain factors.

Engaged in divorce proceedings? Just say "no" to social media

It's been one of those days. Work was frantic. Kids were crabby. And the meeting with the divorce attorney did not proceed as planned. If only there were ways for you to vent to your all of your friends without leaving the comfort of your own home. You don't want to pay a huge phone bill or host a grand get together to receive their words of encouragement.

Purchasing a home together before marriage

It has become increasingly common for couples to live together either before marriage or instead of choosing to marry. Some of these cohabiting couples consider purchasing homes together, but doing so may not be a wise decision. If a cohabiting couple does decide to buy a home together, they might want to take a couple of steps to make certain that their respective interests will be protected.

Madonna and Ritchie reach decision in child custody case

Florida residents who do not agree on child custody after a divorce or breakup generally have two options regarding resolving this dispute. The first is to litigate the case and have the judge decide what is best for their child. The second is to work out a settlement agreement. After trying both methods, Madonna and ex Guy Ritchie have reached a conclusion in their own child custody case.

Emergency custody order: When exigent circumstances require immediate action

If you have been following our blog, you know that there are many reasons to modify a custody agreement: a job change, an increase in financial obligations or changes in the health of a family member. Typically, the court will amend custody agreements if changes have occurred that are considered substantial, permanent and unanticipated.

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