Florida fans of Jeremy Renner might be interested in learning that his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, is seeking back support of more than $48,000 she claims that the star owes to her for their 3-year-old daughter. Renner has denied Pacheco’s allegations, flatly stating that they are completely erroneous.

The couple was divorced in December 2015 after a marriage that lasted 8 months. At that time, Renner was ordered to pay Pacheco child support in the amount of $13,000 each month. He claims that he has always paid all of his child support on time and in the amount owed.

Pacheco is asking that the court orders Renner to pay their daughter’s preschool tuition bill in the amount of $1,600 per month on top of his child support. Renner said that he was never ordered to pay for preschool tuition by the judge in the divorce. In addition to the preschool tuition, Pacheco is also requesting that the court orders him to pay the more than $48,000 in back child support that he is contesting. Through a spokesperson, Renner said that Pacheco is simply seeking to enrich herself at his expense.

A person who is going through a child support dispute may want to get the help of a child support attorney. If a person is having difficulty paying what was ordered because financial circumstances have changed for the worse, legal counsel may file a motion to modify the amount with the court in order to seek relief for the client. If granted, however, the modification only applies to future payments and does not have any effect on amounts that are past due.

Source: New York Daily News, “Jeremy Renner says ex-wife Sonni Pacheco’s claim that he owes more than $48G in child support is ‘completely erroneous’,” Nicole Bitette, July 26, 2016.