Some Florida parents have children who have aspirations of going to the Olympics. Whether they are gymnasts, runners, swimmers or participate in another sport, training with the goal of eventually being able to compete at such a high level is very expensive. When a child has parents who are d, determining which parent will pay may also become an issue.

In many states, child support guidelines contain provisions allowing for a portion of child support to be allocated for entertainment and extracurricular activities expenses. If a parent decides that he or she wants a child to start lessons, the parent may use that portion of the child support to pay for the lessons.

If a child is already showing promise before the couple s, and one parent later comes back requesting an increase in the ordered amount to pay for the lessons, the judge may or may not grant the request. In that situation, a judge will consider how much money each parent makes and whether or not the prior order or agreement accounted for the child’s sport. The judge will also evaluate how committed the child is to the sport as well as his or her talent in it.

A d parent who has talented children and who want the other parent to contribute to the sports costs may want to consult with a child support attorney who can advise the client regarding the likelihood that the judge will grant an increase in the ordered amount. Legal counsel may then help with drafting the motion and collecting the supporting evidence to present to the judge.