When parents in Florida divorce, emotions can run high. Responsible parents typically seek to minimize open conflict with each other so as to provide greater stability for their children. One way that parents do this is to watch how they speak about the other parent the presence of the kids.

For many children, divorce is a very difficult time. In most cases, one parent moves out of the home and the children are expected to divide their time between households. These changes can be upsetting to kids, which is why it is important for each parent to reinforce that while the marriage no longer exists, the family does.

Some experts believe that parents can reinforce a sense of security in their children by watching how they refer to their former spouse. Instead of calling a child’s other parent an “ex,” these experts believe that it is better to refer to the parent as “your father” or “your mother” when speaking with the child. When referring to the former spouse in conversations with others, the parent can simply refer to him or her as the children’s father or mother.

Watching one’s language before, during, and even after formal divorce proceedings can have a major impact on how well the ongoing legal and financial aspects of the processare managed. In some cases, it may benefit an estranged parent to speak with an attorney to learn more about the options that are available. Legal counsel can work with the client to determine what is in the best interests of the child and negotiate an agreement regarding parenting time.