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July 2016 Archives

Effective co-parenting post divorce

When parents in Florida divorce, emotions can run high. Responsible parents typically seek to minimize open conflict with each other so as to provide greater stability for their children. One way that parents do this is to watch how they speak about the other parent the presence of the kids.

Failures to pay child support and what can happen

Child support is ordered because the Florida judicial system takes the view that both parents should have responsibility for supporting their children. When one parent is ordered to pay the other parent a monthly amount for child support, the money is meant to provide the child with a standard of living that the child deserves. Failing to pay child support is treated very harshly by the state, and there are multiple potential consequences a non-paying parent can face.

Man discharges property settlement obligations in bankruptcy

Florida residents who are divorced might wonder what will happen to some of their obligations if they file for bankruptcy. While they will still be required to pay things such as spousal support, on June 13, a bankruptcy court found that a debtor's obligations to his ex-wife regarding a property settlement were dischargeable.

What to do with a home during a divorce

Florida couples that are considering a divorce or already in the process may find difficulty unwinding the financial entanglements related to the family home. Because a home purchased during the term of the marriage will be considered a marital asset, it must be divided in a way that is fair and equitable to both parties. However, in the realistic sense, a house is difficult to divide. This is especially true when one member of the former couple wishes to remain in the home.

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