Florida fans of the Bravo reality series “Southern Charm” may be interested in learning that two of the show’s stars, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, are likely headed to court in their child custody dispute. The pair shares two young children, and both have lodged numerous allegations against one another via social media.

Sources report that Ravenel is suing Dennis for child custody. She has alleged that Ravenel has left her to care for their children alone without support for three months. Ravenel alleges that Dennis has withheld his children from him and has pointed out that he pays her rent in the amount of $3,100 per month. Ravenel also stated that Dennis makes more than six figures on the show.

Both parties have made awful claims about the other one over social media. Ravenel, for his part, claimed that Dennis abused drugs throughout her pregnancy, a claim that has not been substantiated. Both have asked that the court seal their case, meaning the public will not know what claims are made in court or what the outcome of the case is unless the parties themselves publish the information.

When one parent prevents the other one from seeing his or her children, then the other parent may want to seek help from a child custody law firm. A attorney can assist a client by drafting the petition to determine child custody and visitation. When a court issues child custody and visitation orders, both parents must abide by those orders or risk sanctions from the court.

Source: Inquisitr, “‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel sues Kathryn Dennis over child custody,” Amy Feinstein, June 6, 2016