A parenting plan will be one important aspect of a between parents in Florida, and it can go a long way toward laying the groundwork for future interactions. However emotionally difficult a may be, parents of minor children still must be able to cooperate on issues around raising children. Later in life, as their children have families of their own, having established a basis for cooperation may make coordinating special occasions with grandchildren less stressful as well.

A detailed parenting plan offers a way through conflict that might arise. It serves as a written record of what was originally agreed upon and of any subsequent changes to that agreement. It tells children and school officials that the parents take their responsibilities to their children seriously.

A parenting plan deals with physical and legal custody and other orders. The first is where the child lives, how often the child moves between households and arrangements for holidays and vacations. The second is about who has responsibility for making major decisions for the child such as what school the child will attend. Legal child custody is usually joint. Other orders focuses on other issues such as how a long-distance move by one parent might affect arrangements.

Children may have less difficulty adjusting to a if their parents can negotiate a reasonable parenting plan. This might be done through mediation or other types of negotiation. An attorney may be able to assist a parent in outlining their goals prior to mediation or negotiation while those processes focus on finding a solution that works for everyone.