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March 2016 Archives

Divorce can be a difficult step for parents to take

Married couples in Florida and around the country may choose to remain in unsatisfying or even abusive relationships for a number of reasons. Marriage is generally seen as one of the foundations of civilized society, and some religions view divorce with disdain. While these factors can exert a powerful influence, it is the fear of how divorce may impact children that is most often cited by parents as their reason for staying together.

Poverty and incarceration often behind unpaid child support

A noncustodial parent in Florida with little or no income might easily fall behind on child support. The head of the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement recently said in a media interview that the courts too often employ "magical thinking" when calculating child support payments. She noticed that a court will apply numbers from a hypothetical full-time minimum wage job to determine a payment amount even if a noncustodial parent has no income.

Creating a sound parenting plan

A parenting plan will be one important aspect of a divorce between parents in Florida, and it can go a long way toward laying the groundwork for future interactions. However emotionally difficult a divorce may be, parents of minor children still must be able to cooperate on issues around raising children. Later in life, as their children have families of their own, having established a basis for cooperation may make coordinating special occasions with grandchildren less stressful as well.

Surrogacy and parental responsibilities

A Florida couple considering surrogacy as a means for having children might find Sherri Shepherd's legal battles to be interesting. In her case, a contract was entered into which provided for a 23-year-old woman to carry a baby conceived with sperm from Shepherd's husband and a donor egg. Unfortunately, the marriage began to have problems that later resulted in divorce. The pregnancy was in progress, and although Shepherd attempted to void the contract, the baby was born.

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